At ClimateStore, we like to think about lowering your carbon footprint like a fun journey. It's like heading down a new and interesting path. Through our normal living, and the pure convenience of fossil fuels, we have lot of areas where we add to our carbon footprint; most of the time without even thinking about it!

And because there are so many places we generate CO2, we like chipping away at them in a step-wise approach. Much like walking to the sunny peak of a mountain with a spectacular view, we think the journey to a lower carbon lifestyle is best taken step-by-step. To make things easy we've put together a simple plan you can use as a guide. We start with easy achievable actions and then more on to steps that lead to larger reductions that will be even more rewarding.

We organized the Journey into 3 easy-to-follow sections:

  1. Easy Steps
  2. Up The Path
  3. The Green Summit

So let's get Started!

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